The design of POB is guided by the key principles of openness, interoperability and extensibility.

Last Updated: 26 May 2022 • Page Author: Jillur Quddus

The POB developer guides are intended to act as an introduction to the POB open-source code base for software engineers who wish to extend POB by developing custom procurement framework parsers as well as custom publishers to other downstream applications.

Source Code

The source code for POB may be found on GitHub at In the spirit of open-source software projects, all of the source code (including feature branches, issues and bug reports) is open-by-default.


POB is an open-source software project available under the MIT License.


POB uses GitHub Issues to manage tasks, feature requests and bug reports. To access the GitHub issues board for the POB project, please visit


This website i.e. acts as the master documentation for the POB open-source project. In the spirit of open-source software projects, all documentation is open-by-default.

Project Maintainer

The POB open-source project is maintained by HyperLearning AI who are responsible for managing the development roadmap, leveraging the open-source community, documentation, and managing relationships with funding partners. If you have any queries regarding the POB project, including technical questions and funding queries, please contact

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