POB is an easily extensible open-source software project that fully-automates the collation, analysis and notification of procurement opportunities from public sector procurement frameworks.

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The ultimate aim of the Public Opportunities Bot (POB) is to provide a single platform for all global public sector procurement opportunities, supporting intuitive search, analytics and real-time notifications to any downstream business development, sales or collaboration system. Please refer to our Roadmap for further information regarding current and future features.

POB was built and is actively maintained by HyperLearning AI.


The majority of existing public sector procurement frameworks require business development teams to sign up for e-mail based notifications when new procurement opportunities are published to their platforms. As most organisations sign up with a single e-mail address, e-mail notifications must either be forwarded to relevant individuals or a mailbox must be created. In either event, it creates a single point of failure and significantly limits effective business development collaboration across an organisation.

By using POB, organisations can utilise existing internal instant messaging and collaboration platforms (such as Slack, Microsoft Teams or Google Chat) to improve business development processes by automatically notifying and encouraging collaboration between teams and individuals across their organisation during the end-to-end sales process, from senior leadership and sales teams to project managers, software engineers and client-facing teams, as procurement opportunities are published in real-time.

Furthermore by integrating POB with existing internal business intelligence and data analysis systems (such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Kibana or Salesforce) via native connectors, dedicated business development and sales teams can proactively monitor and analyse historic market trends, as well as predicting future demand and growth areas.

Primary Contributors

Provided below is the list of organisations and individuals who sponsor, and contribute towards, the development of the POB open-source project.




POB is an open-source software project available under the MIT License.

Source Code

The source code for POB may be found on GitHub at https://github.com/hyperlearningai/pob. Please refer to the POB developer guides for further information regarding extending POB, including how to develop your own custom procurement framework parsers and publishers.

Contact Information

For further information regarding the POB project, including technical questions, funding queries and how to get involved as a contributor, please contact HyperLearning AI at pob@hyperlearning.ai.

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